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An Information Technology Integrator for the 80s, 90s And Beyond.

John J. Cullinane

John J. Cullinane, Founder, Cullinet Software, Inc. Cullinet Software While working to create this Web site, I did a quick search online for John Cullinane and it didn't take long before I came across his site for The Cullinane Group. It was great to read all that he (and his wife) has continued to do in the post-Cullinet era. Through a brief exchange of emails, Cullinet's founder and former Chairman offered these comments:
"When Cullinet was small and just beginning to grow — and many of our employees were young — I used to say at company meetings that they were working for the best software company in the world. I am not quite sure that many believed me at the time. They just assummed that every company operated the way Cullinet did, namely, that good people were trusted and expected to do the right thing, and they did.

As they years went by they found that Cullinet was a very unique comapny in every way and that they were proud of their association with it."
He kindly offered access to Cullinet papers, notes, and other materials still retained in storage. I'm sure, at some point, I may wish to take him up on that offer, but for now am going to share what I have and what I can receive electronically.

For those interested in reading John's book The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, it details Cullinet from his perspective:

The lessons John Cullinane learned from the management of Cullinet Software, Inc., from its founding to its eventual sale, through the good times and bad, are synopsized into several simple messages:
    • Managing The Entrepreneurial Phase
    • Managing the Start-Up Phase
    • Managing in Good Times
    • Managing the Wall Street Experience
    • The High-Tech Success Syndrome
    • Managing in Bad Times
    • Six Things Any Manager Should Do
    • Ten Characteristics of a Good Company with a Good Culture
Based on the history of Cullinet Software, Inc., John Cullinane's guidelines combine the knowledge of a rapidly growing corporation with the hindsight of what it took to keep it in control. This successful database company was founded in 1968 and thrived at a rate of 50 per cent annual growth for 13 consecutive years. It was the first software company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and reach a billion dollars in valuation. It got caught in the rapid technological changes of the 80s, resulting in the sale of Cullinet Software to Computer Associates, Inc., for $400 million.

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